Our executive search and services practice uses specialised and innovative sourcing strategies, tied to business strategy, that maximizes results. 

Leila McKenzie Associates business model focuses on an end to end service that encompasses everything from aligning your Talent acquisition strategy to translation into quantifiable measures to maximize operational performance and ensuring consistent Employer Brand is embedded across the employee life cycle – reducing direct recruitment costs and improving engagement



Leila McKenzie Associates combines the benefits of a boutique with regional strength and global, market-leading research. Our approach combines deep areas of market specialism across major industry sectors with rigorous process and commitment to both ethics and diversity.

Board Appointments

(C Suite, Chair & Non-Executive Director Search)

We work with clients seeking to appoint Chairpersons, Non-Executive Directors, Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers and other senior and board-level posts.

In addition to our existing personal network we have access to the Winmark C Suite Network  of over 11,000 Business leaders, Multinational Organisations and the top 10% FTSE 100 Companies. This enables us to give business leaders the knowledge and connections to achieve greater impact

We have the capability required to source, quality of service needed to engage, and the experience necessary to attract the best chair and non-executive directors in the market.



Leila McKenzie Associates are trained to work with advanced practitioners in order to carry out a suite of bespoke profiling assessments that can be used in line with the search process.

Such profiling tests are listed below, however alternative assessments can be recommended dependent on the specific requirements:

Personality Profiling 

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF)


Verbal Reasoning Assessment

Numerical Reasoning Assessment

Situational Judgement Test

Logical Reasoning Assessment

businessman SURVEY and Results Analysis
view from the top.meeting business partn


Whether your current challenge is developing a diverse pipeline of talent; succession planning; internal talent assessment; benchmarking or simply gathering market insight to inform strategy, our range of bespoke consultancy solutions will provide the solution you need.



Bespoke Onboarding

Onboarding candidates to deliver their full potential – Our bespoke service leads to the seamless integration and retention of new hires


Executive Coaching

The content of our leadership coaching varies according to the level and experience of your participants. Delivered by expert coaches, our specialist bespoke leadership coaching service helps leaders to identify and work on key priorities in order to accelerate their own performance. In addition we offer a tailored transition coaching service for leaders who are new in role. All our leadership programmes focus on the key dynamics that are crucial to leadership.

Two female colleagues in office working


Leila McKenzie Associates offer bespoke consulting services around diversity, inclusion and equality to business leaders that are looking to positively develop the culture within their organisations. We can advise and assist you and your team in developing sustainable diversity and inclusion strategies whilst further developing and educating your business leaders thereby helping to future proof your business.

According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), employee diversity is associated with better business results. In the study, titled “Diversity Matters”, 366 public companies were surveyed from different countries in the Western World. Two key findings:

Gender-diverse companies are more likely to perform 15% better

Ethnically-diverse companies are more likely to perform 35% better

"In the United Kingdom, companies have seen a 3.5% increase in EBIT for every 10% increase in gender diversity in the same senior executive team".

- McKinsey



Leila Mckenzie associates provide deep insight to organisations looking to secure competitive advantage through diverse leadership research and executive search. Our approach to scanning and unearthing the competitive human resources landscape combines digital tools with  personal expertise and understanding.

Leila leads a team of highly skilled researchers to deliver on bespoke research projects and assignment mandates. 

Our insight and recommendations are built upon a thorough understanding of business and client contexts, informed by our knowledge built up from various sources. 

Leila currently holds the UK Northern Director position within the Winmark Global and C-Suite networks. Winmark provides us with further up to date market insight in addition to our own in house team allowing us to extend great reach across the board within leadership for a range of businesses across the FTSE, Fortune and SME and private company landscape.

Winmark is an award winning membership organisation embedded in the knowledge of our C-Suite networks and informed by the most up-to-date business conversations. Our inclusive research provides leaders with the intelligence and perspective they need to achieve greater impact.

Gender C-Suite Roles - FTSE 100 Analysis


How to become an NED BPG 

Diversity- The Competitive Edge Report



Leila has been proactive in her external engagements and recently spoke at the highly publicised GG2 Diversity Dividend Conference and Awards Ceremony where she was interviewed by the BBC journalist, Clive Myrie alongside KPMG and Oliver Wyman. 

Other external speaking engagements include motivational and educational talks to students and young professionals. Leila has been invited to speak numerous times for programmes with organisations such as Management Development Scheme (MDS), a partnership of companies that aims to equip young people with the experience, training and mind-set so that they have the confidence and ability to rapidly become senior business leaders within the industry and Working Options In Education which aims to inspire and motivate students at school and in colleague from underprivileged areas.


Leila has also hosted an array of high-profile events such as “Celebrating Diverse & Inclusive Leadership”, “Women in Leadership in the Food & Drink Industry” and “Diversity at the Top of the Food Chain” with aspirational thought leaders from industry.