CEO, podcast host and Millennial Leader, Leila McKenzie-Delis (LMA Executive Search & DIAL Global) explores these issues and examines how D&I today is about more than race, gender, age or sexuality, but extends to how people think via cognitive and neuro-diversity, and, crucially, how we make people feel at work. Statistical research has long proven diverse teams equate to better business. Now we also know that, combined with diversity, inclusion, purpose and belonging are also paramount to bolster employee engagement, profit, performance and growth, as well as enhancing innovation, brand equity and productivity and enabling talent attraction and retention. As much as this book is about diversity, inclusion and belonging, it’s also about leaders and the array of voices they can and should listen to. It’s about honouring those different voices and cultivating a capacity to empower each valuable one. As such, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging is a business book, but it’s also a people book. For it explores what people and organisations  alike really need in order to thrive. It’s a book about the innate human requirement of belonging. It’s a book about getting the most out of every single individual who works with you. And it’s a book about cultivating trust, empathy and inspiration. It provides a toolkit for existing leaders and those who aspire to lead, and provides a framework for leading well in an ever-changing world.

“A heartfelt and honest account of why diversity, inclusion and belonging is imperative to

innovation, resilience and long-term sustainability of any community and organisation, particularly in times of uncertainties and unexpected shocks and changes”

Jinlong Wang, CEO & Chairman, Pizza Express Group, Managing Director & Operating Partner, Hony Capital

“Creating workplaces that are grounded in belonging and bravery requires leaders that are

truly committed to the growth and development of humans - and this book explores and shares the steps and process needed to create this much-needed transformation today.” 

Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

“This book on diversity, inclusion and belongingness is a game changer. It shows just how important this topic is to business - get it, you won’t be disappointed”

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology & Health, Alliance Manchester Business School, President, CIPD.

“If you want to be a force for change, and you don’t know where to start… start here.” 

Leena Nair, Chief Human Resources Officer, Unilever

“Invaluable. An excellent contribution, to an important debate.”

Clive Myrie- Journalist, Broadcaster and Writer

“Leila delivers a simple and compelling lesson to all leaders – that to succeed, ‘business as usual’ will have to incorporate ‘business as unusual’. An inspiring read.”

Debbie Hewitt MBE, Chairman, Visa Europe

“This book provides a wonderful insight into how being able to be truly yourself and bring your whole self to work, contributes to that asset, and therefore the performance of an organisation irrespective of it size and scope of work”

Geoff McDonald, Co-Founder Minds at Work, Former VPHR Unilever

“I may have not come across a better book on diversity and inclusion than this piece of work by Leila. A real thought-provoking book, seriously!”

Rohit Shelatkar, Director, Vitabiotics, CEO, Vision World, Founder and CEO, Grand Maratha Foundation

“Cover to cover an engaging and inspirational read – for leaders who belong to tomorrow” 

Kari Daniels, Chief Executive Officer, Tesco Ireland